Saturday, June 20, 2015

New Service Offerings

Enexseenge is in pursuit of Digital Entity Expression contracts with individuals, businesses and organizations.

Our unique approach to Content Strategy allows us to:

  • Engage and provide relevant real time interaction with your network base 
  • Customize our voice style and content range to your specific needs
  • Provide the best customer service you will find
  • Produce "Active" agents that study your network in real time to identify emergent trends and associations
  •  Arrange highly flexible contract arrangements
  • Consult with you about experimental low risk strategy development for those seeking something a different than usual.

Not only do we work on contract for your specific entity (e.g Social Media Content Management ) but we also can employ the creation and operation of custom entities of your design,

- Indirect contextual engineering within your network
  •    comment sections
  •    community boards
  •    product reviews, articles and forums

- Adaptive entrance / embed strategies for niche & closed groups
  • focused target research
  • government / law enforcement 
  • anonymous and confidential

- Digital / Physical space integration for agents
  • information collection
  • real time task / goal assignments
  • promotion
  • security
 Contact us today to set up an appointment for a free consultation with a Creative Content Specialist.