I draw on inspiration from many different realms of form.

The human form is esteemed highly in my views as a natural expression of symmetry and capacity, both internally and externally. It is like water, and the forms that are placed upon in embellishment are as the features of a coursing river through the mountains, giving texture, sound, shape, motion to the stillness.

The natural world of terrain, ecosystems, and the dynamic process of earth's systems of life inspires both visually and in terms of a connective understanding of shared fate between all inhabitants here. Our earth is filled with a beautiful balance of diversity: deserts, forests, plains, mountains, oceans, the arid, the humid... All shifting in time.

The human formed systems of economy, cities, structures, cultures, they bring inspiration through the marvel of seeing life dare to aggressively dream to become more than it started as. An often chaotic process that is bold and ignorant at times, yet in those limits defines it's beauty to stand out in the world, even in folly, against entropy. A poetic, almost hypnotizing vibration and tide.

The unknown, the unknowable and the abstract. Those things that pull at our awareness and through experience beckon us to feel the presence of a sense of significance or purpose, a knowing without knowledge, a knowing that cannot be recalled. Those things that touch upon us only to be gone the moment we realize they have arrived.

The process of science, creation of technology, the digital realm. The wonder of human knowledge of the physical world constantly put to the test of affirmation through the demonstration of control. These things always draw the mind to ponder the significance of a creature such as us in our desire to connect with our world and each other.

Inspiration lives within us as many forms, not all of which are pure and direct notions of biomimircy. Sometimes imparted to us is a feeling or a sense, incomplete yet desperate for completion, drawing our knowing to inhabit expression. A line, the presence of volume, the motion of form in time, all speaking as if to show that what inspired has been witnessed. And this inspiration... It is not always a sudden urge or passion driving our motives. Often times it is subtle and layered, unfeeling and out of focus, yet deep within us still there emboldening our heart.