I have always been interested in fashion, textiles, art, and function. After forays into a scientific path i realized that crafting things artistically is more in line with my mode. Enexseenge is the branding i give to my efforts into the domain of fashion, garment design and construction, and general cultural pondering in terms of the human & form. Since 2016 i have been working full time to learn the art of hand sewing and garment construction techniques, with the eventual goal of bringing nanotechnology and fashion together.

Ideologically i take a strong position towards the manufacturing of clothing and human accessories in that such things should be made for the individual. I am a strong supporter of customization and removing the "motives of production" away from the mass of hypothesized consumers and into the direct needs of an individual. I enjoy the process of creation, and i am strictly a hand sewer. It may seem odd to be both pro technology and to be strictly a hand sewer, however i view my body as a form of technology and efficiency of time & process automation are not the only realms of value that technology can provide.

I practice both flat pattern drafting, dressmaking techniques, and also novel methods such as "kinetic garment construction".

As a blogger, my opinions and style can range from serious and pondering to a bit troll like or feisty. I adhere to the idea that sometimes a rational discourse is not the best way to proceed forward with certain topics with people who you do not know. At times one must be a bit aggressive or outlandish... other times the situation calls for careful consideration and detachment from impulsive reactions.