Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Job

Yesterday i completed my first arrangement for a small bit of scientific work. We will be doing contact angle measurements for some surfaces. Nothing much, but i made the deal my self by connecting industry and academia.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Object Subscription

Sonntag Rosental from ligi on Vimeo.

Idea Storm

Things never stop changing, this is obvious. The rate of change may flux, but we shall not become incumbent in one way if we are to survive. With this in mind, all systems Enexseenge seeks to establish are taken with the consideration that things change. Systems degrade, purposes change and everything is in constant flux. The goal of Enexseenge is to adapt. Leveraging network capital allow us to aggregate the best practices from experts and devise realistic planning scenarios. Data management is key and Google is looked towards as a pioneer and advisor in the management of large sets of public real time data.

Human beings are a resource we should never forget. Our institutes and group endeavors will always provide an avenue for collective expression. Let us work together.